Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ticket for endangerment

I was on my way home from the store, spotted this small crowd forming near the edge of the mall parking lot. Two cops talking to this couple. There had been a small accident.
The guy was totally embarrassed as the one cop was talking to him getting his statement, and laughing himself. Then the cop started to scream so that everyone in the parking lot could hear.

"You were not drunk?"  the guy shook his head. "You were not having a heart attack?"  the guy shook his head and was ten shades of red. "You were simply, distracted but you were not texting or using your cell phone?"  the guy was staring at the ground at this point. "And you didn't see the other car pulling out of the parking spot behind you because..." the cop turned to the chick who was holding her face in her hands leaning on the car. "...because your wife was giving you a blow job. Is that correct?" the guy said nothing just stood there. Both cops were laughing hysterically, the one who had been screaming for the crowd then leaned on the cop car unable to catch his breath. The crowd by this point was snickering and out right making jokes. The cop in charge then gave the couple a ticket. "I have to write you up for reckless endangerment. I'll give you a break and write you up for unlawful cellphone use."

At the time, everyone thought it was funny. I laughed. But, in all seriousness, something worse could have happened.
Dude, I'm all for spontaneous moments but really now. If you're going to have sex in a car, make sure it's not while you are driving.

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