Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Tidbits

Everyone wants Dimmer.

The guy must be feeling the love, seriously.  I'm hanging out on the social site, chatting with the gang, which now consists of six women, Male Friend #1- the kid from Mexico- and our new gay man. The topic, Dimmer got slapped. 
I caught the recap on the website. And what was the general response from five of the women and the gay man?  They all at the same time said they'd kiss it better.

Cliched. Cliched. But what an inviting idea.
The more air time Dimmer is given for his spotlight, the hotter a topic he's become.

And the things I wonder about are if the wrestlers are able to handle the amount of fame they suddenly get thrown at them? And can they handle loosing it if they ever get shoved into the dust? What does that do to a person?  Being the center of something like that and suddenly just not? 

Well Dimmer, I hope you're one of the ones who can both handle it and keep it rolling for years to come.
In the mean time, sweetie, you need to not wear so many layers of clothes under those hot lights because you had really bad pit stains. Just saying.

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