Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Tidbit July 22nd

Was at the grocery today, and the goat milk dude was working. He walked out of the back room, nearly ran into me, then when he spotted me did a double take.
Is that good or bad?

And on the social site, Male Friend #1-the kid from Mexico- he asked me out again. Okay this is just odd. I'm in Canada, he's in Mexico and he keeps saying he wants to have dinner some time. I know he's planning a trip to Toronto, but I have told him a dozen times I don't live anywhere near there.
When I commented on the fact he might not like me in real life, his reply was that he doesn't go for looks he goes for personality.

Isn't that what all of us want?  Someone who can get beyond the shell?
And as wonderful as that would be, I have a difficult time believing any man can really see past the cover story to the article.

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