Monday, July 1, 2013

Can't handle that

9:45pm, I get the usual message from my cousin asking if I'm anywhere near a tv broadcasting tonight's wrestling?  My answer also the usual, no I'm at home have to wait till I get to mom's tomorrow. Plus, bit upset that the sports channel here is changed and it does not look like their website will carry the replay anymore. Which is how I usually watch it if I can't get to mom's. I usually catch the online replay the next day.

But that's actually not the issue on my mind tonight. I gave my cousin Walsh the link to Male Friend #1's profile on the social site. He updated his id photo.
This is the 'kid from Mexico' who has been flirting with me  for the last few months. Well, not just me, he's been flirting with a lot of girls on the site, but all for nothing because he's got such low self esteem.

Then, tonight he threw me for a major loop. He posted a new photo of him in a leather jacket, his hair cut, holding a guitar. And he does not look like the little 17 year old goth kid we all thought he was. He looks like a grown up 29 year old that he's been telling us he really is.

Walsh-:"Haha! He looks familiar."

Me-:"Sort of like that one dude in high school."

Walsh-:"Yeah, sort of. Wow, he's got five new friends on his friends list just in the few minutes I was reading his profile."

Me-:"All women right?"

Walsh-:"For sure. But you're not jealous are you? I mean you've been talking to him for months now, and you haven't shown any interest so you are not allowed to now."

Me-:"No...maybe?"   I informed Walsh that Male Friend #1 is also a photographer and a video game designer.  Two things I'm hoping Mr. Scratchy is into. "Then there is the dog too."


Me-:"Remember I told you like over a year ago about this dog I had a dream about."

Walsh-:"No. But continue."

Me-:"I had this dream about a guy with a dog, only I couldn't see the guy's face, but I saw the dog in perfect detail. The dog, he showed a photo of it the other day on his Flicker, the dog is the exact type from my dream."

Walsh-:"So, he likes you? He's the one who was all hurt cause he thought you were rejecting him before right?"

I started laughing. Like this weird fit of nervous laughter that came over me for no real reason.

Me-:"He likes wrestling, that's how we started chatting to begin with, loves vampire movies, and now all this."

Walsh-:"But you're not starting to think he's Mr. Scratchy?"

Me-:"No. Mr. Scratchy is a wrestler. Or at lest in the business. Company #1, I'm sure of that much. Plus the whole Johnathan thing...he's not a Johnathan. But there is the fact that he's the height I prefer, hair and eye colour too."

Walsh-:"Uh huh. You're so screwed."

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