Monday, July 15, 2013

Still a Monday

I got a message from Walsh with the usual. I let him know I was at mom's and still not talking to him.

Walsh-:"Read some more of the fairy tale. Um..."

Me-:"Still not talking to you. And what do you mean um?"

Walsh-:"Getting a bit too romance like. What did I do?"

Me-:"Ruined my reality by telling me stuff I didn't want to know."

Walsh-:"Not my fault."

Me-:"Yes it is. Totally your fault."

Walsh-:"So you are actually watching the show tonight?"

Me-:"Yes. Why?"

Walsh-:"Your boys went back to basics eh?"


Walsh-:"Anything new with your chat buddy?"

Me-:"No, think he's gotten bored. He's flirting with a bunch."

Walsh-:"Still think you should just date him."

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