Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bare or Sparkles

About a year and a half ago on another area of the internet, I had written a post about how I think the idea of a women bedazzling her nedan is a crazy idea, after having read an article on it.   Either shave it or leave it.  Don't try to pretend you've been made out of glittery gems.

I recently read a follow up article on another website, stating one of the latest crazes for men is to bedazzling their lower areas.

Okay, my stance on this is the same.  If I was getting naked with a guy and saw that he was looking like some sort of mirror ball, I'd be running literally screaming in the other direction. 

Guys, keep it trimmed or shave it off, but don't act like you're a Martha Stewart DYI project of the week.

I've been with guys who are wax-aholics and guys who could be mistaken for werewolves. Personally, I like my men in-between.

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