Monday, June 27, 2011

Do I have to loose me to be with you?

In the series finale of Sex and the City, {An American Girl in Paris Part Deux}   Carrie goes to Paris with her boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky, the Russian artist.  She leaves everything behind, her friends, her apartment, her career in order to be by his side.
After only two weeks of constantly being left alone, Carrie starts to admit it was a bad idea.

This is all shown with the metaphor of her loosing her famed Carrie necklace.  An item that has been a constant symbol the entire 6 years the show was on air.
It being gone represents the lost feelings that she has while in Paris, the one place on the planet she's always dreamed of going to.
While sitting a few feet away from her boyfriend's art show by herself completely forgotten by him, she finds her missing necklace in the bottom of her purse in the ripped lining.  {the purse is also a piece of the show's iconic history}  It's that moment that Carrie gets her courage back to be herself.

Why is it, that many times for someone to be part of a couple; they end up loosing their own identity?
When does compromising become giving up? 

I've sat back and watched as members of my own family have put their own dreams/goals on hold completely in order to boost up their mates.  It can be a sad thing to watch. 

One of the last lines of the series, is about when you find someone who loves the you that you love then you've found the right one.   Doesn't that include your dreams and desires as much as theirs?

At the end of the day, all this has got me wondering: Do I have to loose me to be with you?

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