Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Steaming up your windows part four

'What's wrong with wanting to be wanted?' 

"What?" Estelle breathed as she wrapped her arm around Caleb's waist.  He shook his head, his eyes wide not having realized he'd said anything out loud.

"Nothing. I was just... thinking." he stared down at her as he slid the strap off her shoulder. He started kissing her again as he reached to the bedside table for a condom.  His strong pale fingers hit the smooth surface of the table finding nothing but the alarm clock and an empty coffee cup from earlier.  "Just a second." he moved across her, pinning her slightly to the bed as he opened the drawer.  Feeling around half blind in the darkness, he found two pens and a set of earbuds for his iPod, but nothing else. 
Moving back across the warmth of her body, he kissed her shoulder as he rolled off the bed and started towards the bathroom.  He riffled through the medicine cabinet but still came up empty.
It seemed he was out of luck and out of condoms.  'Crap' he thought to himself. Turning towards the bedroom,  he let out a deep sigh.  "You didn't happen to bring anything did you?" 

"I didn't even bring my purse." 

He followed her voice back to the bed in the still darkened room climbing over the foot of it, his lips leaving a trail of small hot kisses across her stomach as he stretched out beside her, his right arm around her hips tight. Another deep sigh escaped him. This one was of pure defeat.
Part 5 soon

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