Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tibits- 14th June

Yesterday was Pride day here in the city.  Sophia the Wannabe Socialite had been front and center at one of the main events.  Saw her on the news. 
I made the mistake of mentioning seeing her on the news when I bumped into her and her latest girlfriend whom she did not even bother to introduce,  at the coffee shop this morning.

Sophia-: " I didn't get a close up.  Jen got a close up. They interviewed her."

Me-: "Um. Yeah but isn't she the group representative?"

Sophia-: "And what's your point? I'd had planned to talk about the plays my theater group has going right now. But, no they spent all their time interviewing Jen."

Me-: "Sophia, it was a thirty second sound bite. The entire piece was less then two minutes."

Sophia-: "Darling, you just don't get it do you."

Me-: "No, seems I don't."  {then she hugged me for some reason}  "Okay, need to go now. Take care. Nice to sort of meet you..." {I nodded at her girlfriend}

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