Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deal breakers vs Dealing

"I think you should just start dating again. You're driving me mental which means you are driving me mental." Nura said in an email.

My reply -:"Dating involves having to shave your legs daily and bikini area, making sure your eyebrows are plucked, it involves smelling fabulous even when you've been sweating, it involves having at lest three great outfits for the dates, one being up-chic casual for afternoons of errands just in case you bump into someone who might be a potential date, it involves having your make-up and hair done all the time, it involves making sure you have brand new matching bra and underwear usually in lace and having enough money at all times for drinks, movies and cabs home as well as condoms.   Honestly, I just do not have the energy or time for that kind of production." 

Nura emailed back that maybe I should date a few guys anyway to 1- help get out of my rut and 2 - think of it as research for the column.

Am I in a rut?  Here I thought I was just tried of wasting time on men I wasn't interested in.

All I know for sure is that Thursday night between 9pm till after 10:30pm {EST} I was scratching the right side of my body like madness. {Mr. Scratchy ...}

In season 3 of Sex and the City {episode 35 called No Ifs, Ands, or Butts } the question of the week is "In relationships, what are the deal breakers?"
It's the episode where we're introduced to Aidan, the man Carrie nearly marries.

I've been thinking about this question a lot as of late.  For me if I'm not getting butterflies from the thought of the guy then there is no point.  Butterflies are my big deal breaker.
To be honest, the only two men as of the last year to give me butterflies are The Celebrity and the DoubleStarr.
Two famous men on tv.  Talk about flying without a parachute.

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