Monday, December 12, 2011

The return of IMG almost

Some of you might remember me telling you about a introduction gone sour a year ago.  It ended up being a few calls and emails that ended in me being stood up.

I received an email last night from the International Model Guy.  He talked about how he couldn't wait to see me and how he was sorry for not calling.
I was shocked to see the message and suspicious to say the lest about the whole thing last year.  Did he honestly think I would be over joyed to hear from him now?

I emailed back saying how I was surprised to hear from him. 
He emailed back a half hour later saying the message was for another girl, he'd forgotten her last name and sent the message to both her and me because we both had the same first name.  Then had the nerve to say maybe if he's free over the holidays he'd call me anyway. 

My first reaction a year ago about him being a dick was wrong.  He's worse. 

Are there any decent men left out there?

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