Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dirty Laundry 11

It was a not so great night, part to do with a conversation my mother had with my sister.  She was upset and somewhere between tears and anger.
I've decided that my sister and brother-in-law are a non-existing topic. I'm done with them and their mood swings.  Needless to say, my sister and I have not spoken in a month.
After about a half hour of the phone call with my mother I started to get distracted and turned on a wrestling DVD.  Mother made a comment about how loud the DVD was as she could hear it over the phone.

"Not him again!"  was her reaction to hearing the theme song for The Celebrity.

Me-: "Always. I actually haven't watched this one in months. There was a bit of dust on the cover." 

Mother-: "I just don't understand how you can watch something over and over again? Specially your little skunk man. I just don't see what it is you find so great about him? He's like a little kid with his finger up his nose, hands everywhere...like he can't sit still."

What can I say...sometimes, you just want to see a hot guy with his hand down his pants.

While on the topic of The Celebrity, I got asked the other night by a friend of Nura's,  how The Celebrity found out about me and my writing to begin with.  I'm fairly sure it has to do with the fact I wrote about company #4 back about five and a half years ago and one of the wrestlers had seen it. That particular wrestler is no longer alive, but I know they worked in company #3 around the same time.
He then asked me what would I do if I had to choose between The Celebrity and my Mr. Scratchy.  I told him that I really didn't see that as being an issue. 

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