Friday, August 2, 2013

Another round of the J-word

I was watching a movie last night, and the J-word head count started up.  1 character named John, and in the credits 4 Johnathans.
Went to the grocery, and one of the new guys named Jon was working, as was the John-who-is-going-by-the-name-Josh because there are already 5 guys working there named John. He smiled and nodded when he saw me.
Walked into mom's place, she was on the phone and I heard her say "You mean John. Barb's brother...or was it her son? Weren't they both a John?"  

So, it's started again. The cosmic joke.

There is some poor unfortunate soul out there named Johnathan who is being bashed over the skull with versions of my name.  Poor boy, by the time he is thrown into my life, he's going to hate hearing my name. 

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