Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dirty Laundry 2

"He totally wrote that for you."  My cousin Walsh half whispered as he pulled me aside.  He brought a new chair over to my mom's that his dad had.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  "Come for a smoke with me."  We went outside to stand around the edge of the parking lot where there was a small bus bench for the smokers who live in the building next to mother's. The bench stolen from the bus stop down the road.

Me-: Who are you talking about?

Walsh looked at me like I was stupid.  And sometimes I'm just so much so.

Walsh-: Uh let me see, who is the one person in the last few years that has gotten all your attention oh right it's The Celebrity. That thing he wrote totally was for you. {he mumbled as he lit his cigarette. Took a deep drag on it trying not to blow the smoke on me. }

Me-: I'm not following you. What thing? When? Where? And since when do you care?

Walsh-: Since you have given me no choice. Besides, I have no life anymore remember. Two kids, stay at home dad now. {he started to hack for a moment. } The more I see this guy on tv the more I understand why you like him. He's good. Better then some of those other muscle bound retards who look like they can't scratch their own ass if they tried.  Lest he looks normal. Hairs stupid though.

Me-: That's going in the blog. Which he will see by the way. {my cousin smiled that blush he does. } So explain to me what the hell you mean by he's written that for me?

Walsh-: The email note. {my cousin's wife then called and my cousin got into the van} Wife said T. puked up over everything. I need to get to the drug store before they close to pick something up for her. Tell you're mom I left.

Such enlightening conversations I have with my family. Leaves me more in the dark sometimes then the beginning of the conversations. 

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