Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Ex Files Exhibit F

Back in 2007, I had started a relationship with a guy on the internet.  One of many that I would end up having over the course of my life.
He and I would spend hours chatting, always with the promise of him coming to Canada from the United States.  It never happened. 
There was excuse (he just went through a nasty divorce) after excuse (he did not have a passport) after excuse (he couldn't take time off work) till one day he just dropped off the face of the earth. 

Against my better judgment, I wanted to believe him.  I did not listen to my gut reaction to so many of the red flags.  I'm not too sure if it was because I was in such a low point self esteem wise, or that I just did not want to be single.
I'm ashamed to say, part of what I liked about him was that he looked so much like my (then) recent ex that at first glance I thought it was him.

I hadn't heard from Ex F  since early 2007.  That was until now.   He emailed me out of the blue the other day. 
It simply said "Hi How have you been?" 

I never answered.  Just hit the delete button.   It's something I never do.  Delete old messages. But I did this time.

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