Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's the Itchy and Scratchy show

I was heading into my mother's building when my cousin Walsh came up in the parking lot honking at me.  His mom had sent something over to my mom and he was playing delivery guy.  So we stood there for about ten minutes just talking.
He mentioned having read the blog.   I cringed.

Me-: Sorry. Did you get into massive trouble with your wife for that?

Walsh-: Na. She never reads your stuff.  I mean, not that your writing isn't good, just that she never reads your stuff.  {he blushed. My cousin hates hurting people's feelings. Unlike me}

Me-: I don't think I would want her reading me anyways.

Walsh-: Probably not. But, I have a theory to add to your blog.

Me-: You just like seeing yourself on the blog.  Tell me.

Walsh-: It's the best friend. Mr. Scratchy. {he yawned cracking his neck which made me cringe big time}

The Drama Queen mentioned to me back in the winter about how she feels I've been giving my attention to the wrong guy.  {Let's not forget this conversation here}  I gave a bit of a sigh-giggle to my cousin.

Me-: Nice theory. Would you like me to point out the holes in it that you could drive a truck through?
First off, if it is The Celebrity's Best Friend, aka The Other Guy,  then why wouldn't he have spoken up?  The little I have observed over the course of the last few years, The Other Guy would be ten times more likely to email saying dude it's me. And given he hasn't then .... then... I have no idea. That was my only point really.

Walsh-: It's a possibility is it not?   {he elbowed me}

Me-: No.  Doesn't make any sense either. Cause like I said, he would have spoken up.

Walsh-: Make sense to me.  He reads your blog too, has partaken in the replies on the show and a few things on the company blog am I right?  {I nodded still giggling}  Didn't you start picking on him first?

Me-:  Yeah, what's your point?

Walsh-: Makes perfect sense.  You have  no clue who Mr. Scratchy really is. Just that it all started the same time you started to blog about the wrestling.  Wouldn't you be happy if it is?  Isn't this what you're hunting for?  This Mr. Scratchy?  I say it's The Other Guy.

Walsh had me there.  I am looking for the right guy.  But even I have to admit, that would be too soap operaish.

Me-: Hang on. So you believe my omens?

My cousin shrugged blushing once more.

Walsh-: I believe that you believe and I believe that when the right side of your body itches you're .... future husband/wife is thinking of you.  Cause ever since you've told me about that, I've sort of noticed it with me and my wife. So yeah I can't not believe. If you want to call it true love fine.

Me-: Well, Walsh, that is the way the omen goes.

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