Monday, May 9, 2011

Dirty Laundry

My aunt asked me how my novel was coming along.   I told her I still have not finished it because I do not have an editor.  Which is true.  I'm in limbo with it, having hit so many roadblocks, one of which is writer's block on the latest draft.

Me-:  I decided to introduce a new character, and needed someone to inspire him.  So I went hunting through old movies trying to find an actor who might spark something in me.  And I found an old episode of a soap opera from like 13 years ago.  And that sort of kick started something.

Aunt-: I don't understand.

Me-: Physically.  I mean.  I wanted to create a new character and I thought this actor had the perfect look. Only that was so long ago.  I decided to go hunting online for something recent.

Aunt-:  The Australian Actor?

Me-: You betcha. I found a bunch of photos of him and He's even hotter now then he was 13 years ago. So anyways, I sat down at the computer to start writing, had my scene half started in my mind and the screen saver pops up.  Boom, I see a photo of The Celebrity.  And that was it.  All thoughts of the Australian Actor gone!  Along with it, my new scenes for my novel.  Right back to square one.

Aunt-: I still don't follow?  What's your screen saver have to do with anything?

Me-:My screen saver is a photo of The Celebrity.

Aunt-:  I should introduce you to one of the guys from our men's group at the church. There are a few who are still single, though they are too young for you.  But I heard Mike just got a divorce. Nice guy, has two little boys.

Me-: I'm not interested.  Which is the whole point.  If you would let me finish.  So my brain turned to mush at the thought of The Celebrity and I gave up on the novel went off made a coffee, and was thinking.  What if I never feel anything again for a normal guy?  What if I'm just so ... I'm not sure what word I'm looking for, disenchanted I suppose,  with regular guys?

Aunt-: Now you're being foolish.

Me-:  I haven't really liked anyone since my ex. And look at where that got me.

Aunt-: He's been out of the picture  for years Darling. Move on.  I don't see anything special in The Celebrity anyway.  Do not understand what it is you see in him? What's with the skunk he's got strapped to his head? Looks like he doesn't have a thought in his head.

Me-: I'm putting that in the blog. You've been warned.

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