Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flood of Emotions

"Ha! I hope they had their house flooded! Water everywhere"  my sister said screwing up her face, her hands gesturing wildly.  
We were watching CBC News and the top story for the hour was the Montreal and Quebec floods.

Me-: That's not nice.

Sister-: Well I hope he's waist high in dirty water serves him right.

Took me a few minutes to realize she was talking about her ex-boyfriend and the woman he left her for.  Damn.  And here I thought I was the only bitter betrayed one.  Adam left her four and a half years ago.  My sister has been with my brother-in-law now for almost three years. 

She never talks about her ex-boyfriend. Ever.  He's a dead topic.   All this time, I thought my sister cold to him, that he was just one of the past.  Seems I was way off base on this. 

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