Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post-it July 18th

It's been one of those crazy mornings where I've been feeling like I'm spinning out of control and not getting anything done.
Having to sort out some really old internet accounts and just running in circles with the whole thing.

And the heat is getting to me. 

Everyone knows that the rise in temperature often is accompanied by two things; a rise in temper and a rise in lust.
My temper is causing me to have a headache this morning. I once asked on a different blog if you could go forward in your love life if your past was present.  Today I'm asking that about your career.  Can you move on to the next phase of co-workers if you're not free of your past ones?

I talk all the time about romantic possibilities but rarely do I think to mention work relationships.  This is where my thoughts are today.
There was a time when a person started a career at a young age and kept working at that skill set nearly their whole lives.  Much like marriages of that time.
But now, one could switch careers many times between ages 20 and 60.  Much like the way relationships in general seem to have become in the last two decades.

This throws the dynamic off for anyone.  You have to struggle sometimes to achieve the same level of balance with each new start.

Has our relationship patterns and ideals transferred over to our work environments or has our dissatisfaction in our jobs left us looking for more in our relationships?

Mr. Scratchy, I hope you are having a smoother day in the office then I am.  And if you're sitting in the shade with a drink, have a gin martini for me. 

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