Saturday, July 28, 2012

Post -it July 28th

It's a Saturday night.
The heat is still too much at a +27c with a +31c humidex.  That's too hot no matter what time of day or night you're sitting at.

Mr. Scratchy, I had this image of a guy in a fedora.  Navy blue/black with a light coloured band around it.  Short dark hair, dark tee.  Could not see his face.
Maybe it was you?   Maybe I really am loosing my mind?   Either way, I thought I would come in here and write a bit.

So Mr. Scratchy, let me ask you something you might want to answer... are you for or against the 87% ?

I hope Mr. Scratchy, that you're having a wicked night tonight.  I hope it's cool where you are unlike it is here. 
I imagine you tonight, just relaxing with some music and an art project. In a pair of grey shorts, with a cup of tea. 

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