Saturday, July 14, 2012

Post-It July 14th 2012

I had come in here with the full intention of talking about family and when you have kids after the age of fifty.  But I deleted that post. 
Mr. Scratchy, I bought the book American Psycho  this week.  Haven't cracked the spine of it yet. I have a stack of books that I hope to finish reading before the end of the year.  I think it just went to the top of the pile.
And for anyone who hasn't seen the movie or read the book; who might be asking what does it have to do with this blog; tons.  I oddly am one of the only women I know who actually likes the movie version. But I loved Clockwork Orange (movie) and Naked Lunch (book and movie) when other women I talked to were grossed out by them.  I do have to admit, Naked Lunch has one of the craziest pornographic scenes I've ever read.
When I was doing book reviews, I found myself reading a lot of  erotica that was labeled as romance. And trust me there was nothing romantic about half of those novels.  Nor were most of them very erotic, just sort of there in your face.  No real plot, no character development.  One book I had to review was listed as paranormal romance and it was a mess.  A ghost, a werewolf and the same sex scene repeated every seven pages for the majority of the book.  Even the very thin character outline seemed to not match up from the first few pages to the end.  As if the actual story was an extreme after thought.
I actually tried my writing skills at an erotic short story few years ago.  It was for a contest. I lost, totally rejected by the publisher.  But I don't really blame them, as my heart wasn't in it.  I did end up having it posted on a former friend's website.  I got two extreme responses for it.  Half the people who read it thought there was too much sex in it and half thought there wasn't enough.
Maybe one of these days I'll re-write it, sort it out a bit and build on the characters.

I realize I missed your check in tonight Mr. Scratchy. 
Have I mentioned that my cousin Walsh is hoping you turn out to be the DoubleStarr.  For once I'm the one who is telling him not to be having such a wishful thinking.  Feels weird.
Take a breath, stop laughing it's funny I know.

Tonight, I imagine you Mr. Scratchy, sitting reading this with your windows open letting in a light breeze, maybe the smell of fresh donuts coming from somewhere nearby, a cup of tea beside you. And you wearing a pair of shorts- blue- pushing up the little wired rimmed glasses I think you wear, suddenly thinking that you want to watch the movie American Psycho.
While I sit here listening to an Alice Cooper song wondering if I should take some of my cousin's advice and give in, checking out The Celebrity and The Other Guy's side project?

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