Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post-it Sept 18th 2012

I finished reading the book today, that I mentioned while back.  The one about the guy obsessed with Japan.
It never really connected everything. I kept waiting for it to explain how his sex life really connected with his obsession for Japanese food and comics, but it was just sort didn't.   Still, a very good read.

And maybe that's the problem.  We look for how everything connects when sometimes they just don't. Sometimes things are just single puzzles that don't make sense outside of being something someone cares about?

I got another one of those "blah blah blah wants to meet you"  on an old dating site.  All I know, Mr. Scratchy, Herman; is that what I need isn't in this city. 

I need to confess something Herman.  My sister and mom were talking about my cousin the other night, the one who backstabbed me and is now in hospital. The one everyone thinks won't make it another year.  Anyways, they were talking about her the other night, and about how her boyfriend showed up at the hospital. Her dad found out and was angry.
And my first thought was how is it she always seems to have a guy?  And my sister must have known that was what I was thinking because she made the comment that the type of guys our cousin scores are not worth looking at.  They are all bar scum who have drug problems and diseases themselves. Which, is what our cousin is dealing with ontop of a liver and kidney meltdown.

 Then sister said the weirdest thing.  "don't think about it. You can do better then the meatballs she scrapes from the bottom; of the bottom of the barrel. Don't give up on your wrestlers."

Odd. My sister has those split seconds of positiveness once a year or so. I do mean split seconds, because then she was right back to mocking me about everything else.

No one is perfect. I have learned to admit that more each day, Herman.

Well, Herman, Mr. Scratchy; I hope you've had a decent day and that you're reading this while you're relaxing for the night. maybe with a large bowl of soup.
And wherever you are, I hope you're keeping safe.  Thinking of the next part of the teenaged vampire movies that comes out in a few months. 
See, made you smile. 

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