Tuesday, September 25, 2012

post it spet 25th 2012

I was walking out of physio therapy and I nearly ran into my ex ---.
He looked right at me and laughed.  He was with his wife and they were pushing a stroller. He's the one I mentioned a few weeks back about the Flicker and Myspace accounts.

Damn. That hurt. 
He looked just like he did when he last walked out of my apartment back in 2007.  Same hair, same beard, same vest and shirt.  Nothing about him was different.

Answer me this Mr. Scratchy, why is it that the two men in my life who actually meant something to me, who I believed when they told me they didn't want what I wanted, that they didn't want a commitment or to ever be married; got married to the next woman they got involved with after they left me?
Why couldn't they just say they didn't want that with me? 

There is a part of me that knows in this life time, it wouldn't have worked out.  A small part. The calm part.  But, the part of me, Herman, that nearly fell into tears on the cab ride home from physio therapy, just can't seem to understand. 

He ended up in the perfect relationship, and I ended up here, writing to an invisible man who many or many not be one of my all time favourite wrestlers. 

I'm not sure I can believe anymore in a happy ending.

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