Saturday, June 29, 2013

After supper coffees

"Okay, I want to know about the fairy tale. What's going to happen in it?"  Walsh asked. I had gone to Starbucks on my way home from mom's and Walsh was there with his wife and kids.

Wife-:"What fairy tale?"

Me-:"Uh just this thing I'm writing."  She nodded and seemed to be waiting for a better explanation. Sipping my coffee, I started playing with a sugar pack. "I just added a new chapter last night..." Walsh nodded sipping his own iced coffee. It's weird, I can sit here and type about almost anything, but just discussing my work like that in person with people, freaks me out. "...okay so we've got the character based on Werewolf King, he's the strong silent type right, and he's going to end up having a big secret. There is something he knows that no one else is aware of that's going to play big time down the road. And the character based on Rebel without a Cause, he's the sweet innocent one..."

Walsh-:"Why though?"

Me-:"Cause someone had to be the sweet innocent one, and the character based on Mad Hatter just didn't jive for it."


Me-:"Yes, jive. You said you wanted to know so let me talk." I nearly swore but caught myself remembering the kids were right there beside us. "And of course you have the character based on Mad Hatter. He's totally...Mad Hatter."

My cousin giggled nodding, his knee bouncing which tells me that he was wanting a cigarette.

Wife-:"This going to take long cause we should get going." she didn't even look at me.

Walsh-:"Can I have a smoke first?"

Wife-:"Half. Hurry up."

He and I went outside for a few minutes so that he could have a cigarette and I could talk to him freely.

Me-:"How do you have half a smoke?" I asked stupidly.

My cousin shrugged and told me to hurry up with my story. "I see you made the Mad Hatter character hate the girl. Why?"

Me-:"You read wrong. He doesn't hate her, he just doesn't know what to do with her in the first half. She makes him uncomfortable. Is that what you really wanted to talk about or is something up?"

He shrugged again, blowing smoke over his shoulder. "Did you catch the promo on the website? What was up with Rebel without a Cause in that?"

Me-:"Wanted to be noticed I suppose. Showing off a bit."

Walsh-:"Seemed like it. Seemed like he couldn't sit still."

Me-:"I know that was strange eh? Showing his butt to the world for no reason. Maybe he just wanted to prove Mad Hatter isn't the only one with a nice butt and killer arms, and nice hands..."  my cousin tossed his cigarette that was not anywhere near finished and nodded to me. I heard the kids then behind me.

Walsh-:"I gotta go. I'll talk to you soon. Say hi to auntie for me."    I nodded turning to head home myself. 

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