Friday, June 15, 2012

The art of seduction

I was just watching the movie  Cruel Intentions.  It's one of those movies that left me unsure if I liked it or hated it.
There were elements that had me wanting to throw something at the screen, and elements that had me sitting up hanging on every word.

The plot is fairly simple, one girl who wants to get revenge on an ex boyfriend cons the people around her into helping. 
Or so it seems that simple at first glance.  But, it seems to get a bit more complicated when you start seeing the point of view from the character of Ryan Phillippe, who at first seems like the perfect accomplice, but in fact has a tint of revenge on his sister (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in mind.

The game is getting the local virgins to brake their own vows and morals, thus getting not just the upper hand but destroying reputations.  
Nearly every romance novel that was written between the 1700's to the 1970's has this theme as a baseline.
Would this movie have had the sort of cult following if even one of the leads were cast differently?  I don't think so.   There is just something about Phillippe that screams "17th century rake", and you end up believing every fake smile he delivers during the first half of the film. 

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