Monday, June 25, 2012

Mirror doesn't lie, does it?

I heard voices outside the window few hours ago.  I went to look, and spotted a group of teenaged girls sitting on the sidewalk.   I'm guessing they were either waiting for the bus, or for someone from the building.
Either way, like all teenagers, they were loud.  And the topic seemed to be the fact that one of them had been called ugly.

She was dressed like she was trying out for a spot on a bad reality show; tight shorts, a thinly strapped tank top that did not hide her push-up bra, heels, sunglasses that made her look like an owl and long straight hair. 
Her friends weren't dressed much different.

I heard her swear a few times cursing the guy who called her ugly and planning how to get revenge.

If I got revenge on a man for every time I've been called ugly or unattractive or whatever; I'd be one hell of a vengeance demon.
I usually just handle the situation with 5 cheesecakes, two bottles of wine and three days of crying.  Trust me, there's been more cheesecakes in my past then I want to even think about counting.

Society feeds us a double edged sword when it comes to our looks.  Half the time, we're sold an almost impossible image and told to reach it, and half the time we're reminded that beauty is within, and different to everyone.

I would love to say that I'm over it, but I can only say that some days I am and some days not so much.

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