Friday, June 22, 2012

Tidbits- June 22

There is a male nurse at the hospital that I wouldn't mind getting to know.  Pale, dark hair, dark eyes, around 27 years old, and about my height. 
In other words, just my type.  Seen him twice now transporting some of the patients from their rooms to the physio department.  But he's never alone, so there hasn't been much opportunity to talk to him. 

I have been stuck inside for 17 weeks.  Other then physio therapy and doctor's appointments, I haven't been out. 
After the day I had in physio therapy, I decided that after I got back, I wanted to go to the grocery.  Two buildings away. 

We ended up with a mini heat wave while we were in there.  Two buildings away, and almost a full hour.  Oh my god.  Okay, it was a difficult walk. Slow, painful but so totally needed. Many times I had to stop and sort of message the knee. But my physio therapist will be over joyed to hear of my walk.  I still can't believe it.  What normally takes me less then 4 minutes took me 40 minutes today.  I used the crutch not the cane so in theory I should have been faster.

So, if you're keeping up with this blog, you know that I have not been in the grocery in the last 4 months since shattering my kneecap. 
Which means, I have not seen Storm in all that time.  He was working an afternoon shift today.  Which he used to never do.  But it has been 4 months and who knows what sort of changes have gone on over there at the grocery. 

Well, seems, with him that's the only thing that's changed.  He pulled one of his zip past me straight to the staff room when he saw me enter the building with his nose in the air. 

I'm starting to wonder if that Jekyll and Hide comment I made way back over a year ago wasn't bang on?  As Storm seems to be one of those guys who flip flops constantly.

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