Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hand me the screwdriver

My cousin Walsh stopped by for a bit with some books his mom had borrowed, and we had a short coffee; sitting outside while he had a smoke. He said he'd read a few of the posts I'd done recently.

Walsh-: " Why do you think he's never answered your blog?"

Me-:"He thinks I'm a nutball. Plan and simple. I scare men remember."

Walsh-: "So, fix it." he said this with a grin on his face, reminding me of our Grandfather.

Me-: "Way too late for that. Way too late.  No, there's nothing to say to fix it.  The Celebrity thinks I'm crazy, and now I don't know what to do with myself. I think I'm trapped."

Walsh-:"Did you do what I suggested?"

Me-:"Nope, still quaking in my boots about the idea of checking out his side project."

Walsh-:"See, now that I just don't understand. What the hell are you so afraid of?"

Me-:"You know, we've had this conversation. And I've had it with Nura and her husband too. I just can't. So yeah. He's going to sit quietly reading and continue thinking I'm a total screwdriver."

Walsh-:"You are a total screwdriver total tool."

Me-:"Thanks love you too."

Two of the ladies from the building came outside with their dogs.  Walsh started to play with the dogs for a few minutes before getting up to leave.  "What's it going to take to get you to get over this fear of yours? An engraved invitation to check into the side project?"

Me-: "Do you have one of those? Cause that's about what it would take at this point"  I picked up my crutch and my coffee cup reaching for his.

Walsh-: "Can you carry that?"   I handed them to him making him come back inside with me for a moment. " How much longer you think before you can get home?"

Me-: "Another few weeks. Makes sense now to just wait till after the second surgery. Why"

He shrugged making another face."You're not crazy. You are crazy however for being afraid, that's crazy."

Me-:"Well, there you go craziness. Best excuse for not risking stuff."

Walsh-:"Get over it. Ever thought that he was having a crap week and you happened to be where he lashed out?"

I was shaking my head at him. "Nope. I think it's still up on the company blog, read it for yourself again. there was no mistaking what he meant or why.  But thanks for making me feel more like a cripple then I already am. Love that."

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