Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dirty Laundry 31

My aunt, Walsh's mom was over for a bit tonight visiting my mom. Walsh came to pick her up, and hung out for awhile cause she wasn't wanting to head back to her over heated apartment. Whole reason I crashed at mom's last two days, air conditioning.  We had a +30C with a +38C humidex today, and I can't function in the heat.
Walsh caught up with the fairy tale while he was here.

"So you are going to turn it into a love story?"

Me-:"There will be grave robbers and a ghostly possession coming. And yes, I think it's time to let it lean that way a bit."  he shook his head at me then shrugged.  "You don't agree?"

Walsh-:"I wouldn't. Unless, you're trying to prove something." he elbowed me laughing. I glared hitting his knee. "It's so obvious where you're going with the character based on Mad Hatter."

Me-:"Obvious? Obvious to who? I've got a cunning plan in the works. I'm hoping that the few readers..."

Walsh-:"ie the Pack and Dimmer."

Me-:"...I have will be surprised by the romance. Few more readers then just them."

Walsh-:"Sorry. There's me, and Ben, and that one ex of yours. That's eight."

Me-:"You're so not funny. Few more then that; but anyways." I stood up stretching getting myself a cup of coffee. "Point being, I can't tell what my regular readers are liking the most. I thought the more paranormal stuff would be more interesting, which seems to get a lot of hits, but the few scenes I've done that are romance-like have gotten double the hits of the rest of it. And I've sort of written it so that all the male characters could end up  being the romantic interest, so it's not just one character that seems to get the readers attention."

Walsh-:"Open comments then."

Me-:"They are. No one leaves comments. Like ever. But..." I spilled my coffee on myself and mom's rug, which I had to quickly clean. "But, I saw something the other night, that made me think Dimmer might be getting a kick out of it."

Walsh-:"Dimmer?"  I nodded, pulling up the promo I was talking about. "How do you get Dimmer liking the fairy tale out of two words?"

Me-:"Shut up. I think he digs it. Think they all get a laugh out of it. I mean, there is so much more I'd like to write in it, but the blog is listed as a PG sanctioned blog. I can only get away with so much." I refilled my half empty cup. "If it was a proper novel, there would be swearing, more blood and violence, and by now at lest three sex scenes."

Walsh-:"That would be cool. I do like it, I think it's funny and I'm sure Mad Hatter does too."

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