Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Do we fear love?

Do we fear love?

When I say we, I mean society in general.  I was just watching a movie about a woman who survived an abusive relationship, and my mind wandered. Wandered to my own love life and past relationships, to my writing and some of the ideals we have, that I have about men and heroes/bad boys. To my current fairy tale. The metaphors I'm using in it, the iconic imagery I'm using to define situations. To deal with my own personal issues.
Cause that's what writers do. We try to deal with our personal issues, dissect them and fix what needs fixing in our lives, no matter what anyone thinks, that's what writers do.

I think I fear love. How crazy is that?  The thing I've been hunting for my whole life, that I've been dreaming of, whining about not having, striving for; I think it's my biggest fear.
And that fear has got to come from someplace.

The term, be careful what you wish for you just might get it, seems to be the quote of the week for me. Quote of the decade.

What happens if I find it?

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