Thursday, August 8, 2013

post-it Aug 8th 2013

Evening Herman. Mr. Scratchy.

I bet you're sitting there tonight, catching up on stuff, maybe a bourbon in hand.  I think you're working on that painting, listening to the sounds of the neighbours. Yes, I spell neighbours with a "u" because I'm Canadian and it's how we spell it.

Stop laughing. It's only slightly funny.

I'm assuming Mr. Scratchy that you've been to Canada. You must have given your job?  My city is crap, but the rest of the country is beautiful.

I was watching Mockingbird Lane  earlier. Really wish they had picked it up as a series. But anyways, it just got me thinking.  Thinking about scars.  Yeah, weird right? I mean even for me weird.  All I could think was that the way they handled the updated version of the character of Herman Munster, is how Frankenstein would have actually looked more so then the classic image from the black and white movies. Then I started thinking about my own scars, and the appeal of the original show back in the 1960's. The idea that anyone can find love.

Corny. But that's me.

Well my little twist of barbed wire, smile. My scars have almost healed.

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