Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two Too post-it

Was watching the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces, at mom's.  Cried my damn eyes out. I've been wanting to see this for awhile, but never able to find a copy. They had it to rent on demand today.  Is it bad that I really identified with the character?
Barbra Streisand plays this woman who is a literary professor, and ends up in a marriage of convince with a math professor. He is working on his next book and happy she's not attractive enough to distract him, while she's longing for romance. They do fall in love but not the way you think.

The whole film deals with the idea of how sometimes we fail to find love because it's not what we expect. How we get trapped by the well, trappings of beauty.

Then as I was leaving the building, bumped into Tarot Lady. Is it bad that I want to roll my eyes every time lately that I bump into her?  She was telling me about a client she had done a cleansing for and how the whole thing drained her so much and it was for nothing because two years after the fact, the client lost their job.

Um okay what?  You're shaking your head on this one too aren't you?  I know Herman, you are. The more I talk to Tarot Lady, the more I want to laugh.  Not in a good way either.
I don't know Tarot Lady is totally full of crap, or if she's doing what she does with bad intentions?

Anyways, Mr. Scratchy, I imagine you checking in tonight, grunting a "uhuhm" sound as you read this, wondering why I let things get to me? You're in an industry where I'm sure nothing gets to you. I mean, you have to be tough skinned right?  And most men don't let anything eat at their nerves.
I wonder about you Mr. Scratchy.  Do you have a voice to match the nicname? A smoky sound, or a smooth tone when you talk? Are you punk rock or jazz?  Are you blonde/sandy or jet black or redhead?  Blue eyes or brown or green? Tall over 6 foot, or closer to 5 foot 8? 
Okay Herman, I imagine you tonight, reading this with a take-away shake in hand. Maybe a burger with that.  I don't know what makes me think you would eat a lot of take-away, but I do. I suppose it's the whole idea of you being on the road all the time.  I think I might finally know who you are, and I've left my voice about it in the fairy tale. Good hunting hon.

Smile Herman, it'll make you feel better.

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