Monday, August 26, 2013

Post-it note Aug 26th 2013

What ya doin?

Caught the show tonight, and have to say, the social site was a buzzing with giddiness over the whole topic of posterboy-ability.  Everyone has their opinion on who should be the identifying wrestler.
Me, personally, I think it should right now be Rebel without a Cause. Yeah I do.
I am always glad to see him given the spotlight as he was tonight. I did give a gasp at one point with the couple of falls he took. Every time I see his matches where he takes hard knocks like that off of heights, I wonder how he manages to survive let alone get up and continue?

Dimmer looked good tonight. There was a scene of pit stains but I think I'm the only one who bothers to look. It's good, means he has a flaw.
And it's always good to see Werewolf King with that evil smirk on his face during the Pack matches. He doesn't smile on camera enough. Why is that?

Okay, Mr. Scratchy, I imagine you checking in tonight, letting out a deep sigh, maybe a burp crunching on anti-acids. Maybe you had tomato sauce based dinner?  I don't know, first thing that popped into my head.  I think you are standing there, reading this, small smirk on your face showing this to your buddy, who is leaning over your shoulder reading out loud.
Caught you didn't I?  Anyways, I think you're unwinding for the night, and are checking in because you need that giggle factor. Dressed in a pair of shorts, grey of course, and a faded torn t-shirt.

The fairy tale... in case you haven't caught up tonight...oh-ho-ho my lovely twist of barbed wire, is getting sinister. Well, as sinister as I can get on a PG sanctioned blog. The character based on Mad Hatter, he's just hit a place of no return.

Okay Herman, I have to be  getting back to the fairy tale now, writing the piece that will be posted tomorrow.

As always Mr. Scratchy, I hope I made you smile. 

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