Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Editing sucks man

Was watching an episode of Sex and the City on tv while at mom's today. It was on one of the channels that edits the episodes to be able to air them at lunch time. Over half the show was chopped out of the airing. Which made it really difficult to follow, and if you are like me and have seen every episode more then once, it's annoying. 

Speaking of editing oneself, I'm getting ready  to take one of the main characters in my fairy tale through the emotional wringer,  so Mr. Scratchy, tell the rest of the Pack and Dimmer and whomever else in the locker room that is reading the fairy tale, heads up.  I want to say that I'm going to put my heroes through hell.
The sex, the betrayal, the blood curdling screams...oh yeah baby. My little written soap opera is really close to my heart

What is it about soap operas that makes people so addicted?  Seriously, you should know the answer to this, you work on/in one every day. Wrestling is the greatest form of soap opera there is because it's done with audience participation.
I'm thinking too much again. I'm in writing mode, and just thought I'd write a quick post on here before getting back to my fairy tale.  Working on the part for tomorrow's post.

Okay Herman, hope you're having a howling good evening. Smile, smirk and snarl babe. 

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