Saturday, August 17, 2013

Left side post-it continued

Caught up with last night's wrestling.  Sitting there, watching the Pack have a match, when suddenly I see Mad Hatter get smashed in the left side of the temple.

This was on the DVR (mom's dvr to be exact) so I had the chance to rewind and make sure I didn't see wrong.  Nope, didn't see wrong. Mad Hatter was smashed on the left side of the skull hard.

I dropped the remote. Which luckily, didn't break just sort of bounced.

What's ironic about it is that, Tuesday night, I was sitting here in my living room when I got what I call ghost pains.
These out of nowhere for no reason pains. They happen sometimes. Not like they used to few years ago, but every once and awhile I get them.  This made my ear ring, my eye twitch and water, my cheek feel like it was swelled up, my nose run, my jaw ache and gave me a headache for about a half hour. 

I posted Wednesday morning, flat out asking Mr. Scratchy what the hell he'd been up to Tuesday night around 10:45pm EST cause I knew something messed up had happened to the left side of his skull. you're...

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