Friday, August 30, 2013

Post-it 30th Aug 2013

for some bizarre reason, my left arm hurts? I know I didn't hurt it, is it something on your end Mr. Scratchy?  Did you injure your left arm?
Been a few days Herman. I've been writing. Now, taking a night off. Yes, taking a night off of writing, so there might not be a segment on the fairy tale before Sunday. Haven't made up my mind yet. Long weekend here.

Well, Herman, we need something new. Something filled with daffodils and sunflowers.

I think you're reading this, an eyebrow raised dressed in a pair of very worn dark jeans, bare feet, hair unwashed, and that cup of tea in hand. I once said I thought you used a mug with a sticker on it, I think I said Ninja Turtles but that was like two years ago and I'm very lazy not wanting to check the blog so lets run with it...I think you've got a new mug that someone gave you to replace the other one cause it broke. Yeah, I think it was knocked off the table and smashed, and you were given another cutesy mug to replace it with ...The Avengers on it, or Spider-Man.

Hope all is well in your real world. Smile, it's just me.

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