Monday, August 12, 2013

Tidbits Aug 12th 2013

I forgot the power of a low cut top. 

I had to go with mom to the doctor's this afternoon, and I made the choice to not wear the same old horror film t-shirts I've been sporting for the last year and a half (I have eight of them) and broke out the tank tops. 
Dirty glares from mom. She put her purse up in front of my chest when we left her building.  Like what the hell?  I swear, I get treated like I'm 12 or something.
Three hours later, called a taxi to come home from the appointment, waiting outside the building, and this dude walked out of the building next door on his cell phone, turned around to walk backwards, tripped over his own feet, then continued on around the block twice both times looked back over his shoulder, said hi on the second round and then went to his building and just stood there for a moment, done on his cell phone. He started to walk towards us when the taxi showed up, then turned around and went back into the building.

Damn, can't tell you how much I needed that.  Little bit of staring goes a long way.

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