Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday afternoon post-it note

Herman...Mr. Scratchy:
how are you?

I imagine you checking in right now, having dinner getting ready for work. Salad and chicken I think. I hope you've been one of the faithful reading the fairy tale. I think it's funny, so far.
As I was saying, I imagine you checking in before work, maybe you've got your iPod on, listening to your favourite cd, just finishing a photo shoot or something.  I tend to like to forget that part of the job...on purpose.
I don't know Mr. Scratchy, if you've ever seen the movie Grease 2 ?  With Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer ?  It was one of our favourite movies back in the day. And when I say our, I mean everyone I went to school with in the neighbourhood.  But Caulfield played the character with the double life, nerdy outcast by day - cool biker dream guy by night.  That's the you in my head.  Nerdy Wrestler guy.

Okay Herman, keep smiling.

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