Friday, August 9, 2013

Just down the street

I was walking home from mom's after supper, and this dog ran up to me with a stick trying to get me to play fetch with it.
Cute dog, puppy, black with white paws.  Then I hear "Scooter come here. Scooter come here. Scooter...bad dog." I turned as saw this guy, his arms filled with boxes. He just moved in three buildings away.  "Sorry about that, he's a really friendly thing. You're not allergic are you?" he blushed.
I told him no, as I mentally cursed myself for once again being a total slob, and wishing I'd gotten that haircut I've been complaining I need. Why is it I always bump into cute guys when I look like something you find clinging to the bottom of your shoe?
"I'm Todd."  I nodded and told him my name, and I know I was smiling a bit.  He was about 6 feet, curly dark hair, greeny-blue eyes, and an old Black Sabbath shirt on, but most important, no wedding ring.
I was about to ask him where he's from when the door to the house opened and this skinny blonde called out to him.   So much for the no wedding ring part.  I continued on down the street and was turning into my own parking lot when I felt something smack into my leg. There Scooter was with the stick in his mouth again. Todd ran over and grabbed the puppy saying he was sorry, the dog was new he'd just gotten him.
"Oh you live here?" he nodded to my building. I said yes and I know I was blushing by that point. "Then I'll maybe see you around."   it was a statement not a question.

I haven't liked a normal average guy in a long while, just my wrestlers; have a bad feeling about this. Best to avoid at all costs.

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