Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Left side post-it note

Okay Herman, Mr. Scratchy... what happened last night to the left side of your skull?
Don't ask why I'm asking, just deal with the weirdness that is me asking.  Timeframe would have been around 10:45pm EST last night (Tuesday Aug 13th)

With that said, hello Herman, how's your day going?  Sore?

I imagine you checking in today, chewing on a plastic spoon, a baseball cap pulled down over your face casting shadows. Shadows, always with the shadows around you. I believe you have a take-away coffee in hand, the cup is one of those brown coloured generic ones, very strong coffee. And some strange plastic wrapped snack...something as mundane as a twinkie.

And if I'm even semi right, you're either laughing like a lunatic at me or swallowing in fear. Either way, your buddy is leaning over your shoulder wide eyed, mouth open scared.

smile, it's just me.

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