Sunday, August 18, 2013

sunday 8:45pm Aug 18th

Doorbell rang about fifteen minutes ago, my cousin Walsh was standing there smoking.

Walsh-:"It's ppv night. I went to auntie's expecting pizza and the ppv but there was no pizza, no ppv, no you.  Just three old ladies laughing." he waved the smoke around.

Me-:"Yeah, mom's church group called her last night about coming over tonight, and since the Pack were only listed for the pre-show, I didn't bother to try to get her to order it. Being poor sucks."

Walsh-:"Yeah, caught that part online. Your man won." he grinned at me like a little kid would after finding their first dollar from the tooth fairy. "You can't say anymore it's not him."  I grunted. "Well, no ppv so I'd better get home give the kids a bath before bed." he tossed the filter of the cigarette then looked at me. "You okay?"

Me-:"Sure. Just all this time I thought it was The Celebrity, and it wasn't and then this all unfolded and you were right, I was wrong and now what?" I shrugged hanging onto the door. "And the damned crush has gotten worse and worse and don't say it, just don't."

Walsh-:"What, that maybe you were suppose to have a crush on him?" he gave me that grin again as he got into his truck.

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