Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post-it 26th Jan

I debated if I should come back in here to post tonight?
I've been in a good mood for the last few hours and thought that I would share a bit.  Managed to crank out three other blog posts elsewhere on the internet in the last half hour which is a good thing.

Mr. Scratchy, I wanted to write you a small post-it-note for when you check in later. I could do one of my little post-its about what I think you might be doing right now while you read, but I'll just say that I hope everything is okay.  I had this vibe that I should have sent a morning post-it on here yesterday after I'd already blogged. When I'm cranky I have a tendency to not think about how my mood affects others. 
With that said, I hope Mr. Scratchy, that you are getting enough sleep and are enjoying any days off you might have right now.  And if you are reading this on your way back from a long day at work, then I hope I've said something that has put a smile on your face tonight. 
I'm currently addicted to chocolate teas, and will be every so often suggesting some of the ones I would love to get your option on, like the one I mentioned the other day the Chocolate Chili Chai. 
And, Mr. Scratchy, if you are happening to read this in the morning, just having gotten up before your day, then I hope that my post-it-note gives you a warm hug.  While you stand there in your pajamas- new ones I think with a logo for the wrestling company... does the company make pajamas? They should if they don't would be a good seller... scratching madly at your right shoulder and neck.

P.S. to The Celebrity;  A Clockwork Orange, is on my schedule.  I think you have an idea what I am referring to, even if you are not reading up on that particular issue.

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