Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seeing is believing

"Tell me about the guy."  Nura said few hours ago in chat.

Me-: "I believe he's about 5'9  with brown eyes, pale skin and jet black hair, wrestler, scratches a lot."

Nura-: "Not him. The guy. The Guy-Guy."

Me-: "Who? What guy?"

Nura-: "I saw a guy.  Saw you with some guy talking in a vision. He's bald was wearing a button up sweater."

Me-: "Were you awake when you had this vision?"

Nura-: "Yes.  I was in the kitchen a while ago getting a cup of tea and I had this vision of you and this guy talking. He was bald and there looked to be shelves behind you.  Oh cold chills as I said that."

I was rattling my brain trying to figure out who she might be talking about, as Nura is more then a bit psychic.  It's why she teaches tarot cards and does Reiki healings.  Her ability to work with energy is amazing and in the 5 plus years I've known her, she's only been wrong twice.

Me-: "Oh you're thinking of the sales guy from the tea place. He's not an option. Total flaming hoop"

Nura-: "You need to stop hanging around so many gay men and drag queens. This is why you're not finding anyone."

Me- :"I'm not finding anyone because I'm not actively looking right now. Besides, the last 48hours Mr. Scratchy has been keeping me aware of him.  Even mother has started to believe a bit."

Nura-: "I still say you're going to meet a guy through this Monster's Library thingie of yours."

Me-: "Oh that reminds me, I promised to add  A Clockwork Orange to the Monster's Library list few days ago.  I need to put it by the DVD player so I remember when I get back from mom's again."

Nura-: "Take it with you."

Me- :"You lost your mind?  I wouldn't get past the first two minutes of that film before mother was ripping the DVD out and smashing it. Take it with me she says." 

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