Tuesday, August 21, 2012

post-it tuesday aug 21

Sun is just going down here. It's cool tonight.
Tomorrow a long day that will start at 4am.  Finally getting the second surgery on my knee.

Mr. Scratchy, this year has so not turned out the way I was hoping.  But that's life.  It's like a mystery box challenge on Master Chef, you have to be prepared to make the best out of a crazy unknown batch of ingredients.

So, Mr. Scratchy, who's your favourite comic book hero?  Favourite comic book movie?  I thought I'd ask. Just saw the commercial for the remake of Judge Dredd.  Looks like it might work.
I imagine you reading this tonight, having come in from mowing the lawn, if you have a yard. I imagine you tonight having a large iced latte as you read this, a copy of a Stephen King novel in hand. Your hair a day dirty and sticking up.

Well Mr. Scratchy, I'm done for the night, thinking of nothing but the new scar I'll have after tomorrow.  Stop thinking of my scar, Mr. Scratchy, it will only make you laugh. 

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