Friday, August 24, 2012

Post- it Friday 5pm

It's been a bad internet day.   I've spent the last few hours trying to figure out how to save my old company website that I created way back in 2006 when I was doing my vampire movie.
Ends up, all I could do was transfer the domain name to another site.  I lost everything, photos, videos, everything from 2006-2009. Gone with no way to get them back because the old computer they had been on is dead.
Then I remembered an old Flicker account.  The one I had abandoned when --- and I stopped being together.
He, it would seem, still uses his and uploads every day.  I should have known better then to think he would have gotten bored with his and left it.  There were pictures of a couple of kids and a dog.
So, it would seem he too has done what he said he'd never do, settle down with a family.

It is just me then is it?  Guys I date swear they will  never get into a permanent relationship or marriage, and then the next woman they marry.

Mr. Scratchy, it's moments like this that I wonder what I am doing wrong? 

Anyways, the past is the past, and the website issue wipes out all of mine from view.  Good or bad, it's a new cycle now.

And it's a Friday so I am guessing you are checking in before going out for the night or to work or whatever it is you spend your time at.  
I hope you have fun, and relax.    I hope you're wearing something in a faded grey. All men look sexy in grey. And if you're who I think you are, then you know you do.

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