Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nocturnal Musings

Insomnia has kicked in again.  Been free of it for months, but it's suddenly hitting me hard.
I'm wide awake for the time being and have just finished blogging on about four blogs.  This would be number five in the last hour and a half.
That's a record for me.

This should be a Post-It; I suppose.  Mr. Scratchy, but I've done so many of those lately.

I was thinking just now about some of the small goals I had set for myself for the year.  Not really New Year's resolutions but just little things.

Finishing reading a certain number of books was one of them.  I'm about half way to that goal, though I haven't read anything in about three months.   But, once I get going, I can crank out a book in about 2 days.  6 if it's a crappy book.

Yeah, it's always about a book with me. 

Anyways Mr. Scratchy; it's a lovely night here. Well, morning I guess now since it's way after 2am.
I can imagine you sitting in a hotel room somewhere, a wrestling magazine beside you, maybe you just got off a plane or something... then again, maybe you're at home, getting up and getting ready to go for a run before going to the gym, or a part time job or university?   Wearing an old tee covered in rips and coffee stains. Maybe in a really bad orange colour with a strange eye like logo on it that says something about the paparazzi? 

I actually made a comment once about how much I disliked that shirt.  It reminded me of baby puke.

I'd like to think of you working towards a degree in something, becoming a professor.  There's something romantic about that idea. 
Alright Mr. Scratchy, I'll wish you a calm relaxing day if you're reading this before starting out for the day, and I'll wish you sweet dreams if you're coming home from someplace. 

Hopefully, I brought a smile to your face. 

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