Monday, July 11, 2011


I mentioned in my last post, that the Musician was having trouble asking out this girl.  When I asked why, he said that he's too shy. 
I found this hard to believe given he's the lead singer of his band. He's the center of attention all the time. How could he be shy?
He told me when he sees an attractive chick he's unable to even introduce himself.

The idea that popular guys, could be shy around someone they are interested in, has been brought up within my conversations and thus my blogging, more then a few times.

I still find it a bit strange sounding. If you've got the balls to go for what you want in life in the other areas, like your career, how could you be unable to introduce yourself?

One of my favourite stories happens to be Pride and Prejudice  and one of the main themes is how when we are stricken by someone so much, we can be afraid to show our real feelings. A whole subplot evolves out of the fact that the character Jane was raised to be demure and the character of Bingley to be timid. In the end they are both easily led away from each other for a good portion of the story by Darcy. Both characters are the first ones in the novel to fall in love, but nearly the last to finally get together because each feels they are not completely worthy of the attention of the other.

It's a perfect example of how a misconception can keep you off your hearts desire.

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