Tuesday, June 25, 2013

post it june 25 2013

Right off the bat can I nag... Dimmer, shave. Please.

Okay Herman, I'm counting on you to pass that plea on to your buddy. Less of course you're him in which case, there you go.   More and more Mr. Scratchy, I think you were connected at one time to the late Trent Acid.  Which means, you're either The Celebrity, Rebel without a Cause or Mad Hatter.

Anyways, I imagine you checking in tonight after work, tired bruised and needing a laugh. That's what I'm here for. To make you laugh, smirk and relax.
I think you're sitting there with a cup of tea, in a travel mug, wearing those wire rimmed glasses and grey shorts. I think there is a stack of comic beside you given it's a new release day. Or at lest it's new release day where I am.

If you are The Celebrity... hey. How is everything? I miss the silliness, do you miss the silliness of stuff that I would spew out in black and white?  I'm sure you must on some level. I was cleaning out some old wrestling on the DVR few days ago, and came across an old ppv from like a year and a half ago from Company #2.  The Celebrity vs DoubleStarr.  Can't believe I forgot about that match.

Well Mr. Scratchy, Herman; we're sitting at +29C with a humidex of +33C today. Too hot to think. My brain is melting. So I will just say...smile. While you sit there in your cool aired shadows in a twist of barbed wire. Smile. You know you want to.

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