Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mixed Tape night

Foolish Love - Lord Tracy
Dream On - Helix
Should have Found Love- Michael Damian
Open Arms- Journey
Honestly- Harem Scarem
Almost Paradise- Loverboy with Ann Wilson
When a Heart Breaks- Rik Emmett
By the Fireside- Slik Toxik
Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue
1000 Degrees- Vain
Smoke and Shadows- Vain
Ballad of Jayne- L.A. Guns
Can You Take Me High Enough-Damn Yankees
I Don't Love You Anymore- London Quireboys
Every Time I look at You- Kiss

And you're asking yourself what the hell is all that?

A mixed tape I found. Yes, tape as in cassette. You know when you start thinking it's time to clean out your desk drawer and you find lost treasure. It was one of those nights.  The only thing is, I'm a product of the movie Trick or Treat from 1986. You know, where the lead character makes this tape for his frienemy and the cassette doesn't have a label.  Yeah, I grew up in a time when that empty tape look was cool. We almost never put labels on the actual cassette, we put labels on the tape case and hoped we didn't mix up which one went where.
Anyways, I came across this tonight and you know what, I still have a very very very old, 25 year old tape player that I use maybe once a year when I'm really feeling nostalgic, so I popped it in and there you go.  The mix had that on it.
So it must have been one of my billion slow dance mixes. Romantic sappy drippy love songs.

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