Monday, June 24, 2013

I'll take a deep dish Dimmer

I was chatting on the social site, in a chat thread with a few of the other wrestling fans, when one of the girls commented on Dimmer and how she doesn't care for him.
My reply, was "All the more for me."  The chat went off in all directions, then out of nowhere, some dude called me a stupid whore because I said Dimmer is good looking.

Really now? 

What is it, with these guys on these things?  Male Friend #2- John- making his comments the other week about Mad Hatter's looks, and the one actor's, to this guy's comments tonight about Dimmer. 

Let's face it, no matter how talented these guys are, the fact they are drool worthy is bonus material. I find it ironic and extremely hypercritical that these guys, talk about the women in the business/female actors, to an even higher extent then us girls do the men; and it's accepted. But the second we start showing the same designs about the men, we get slammed and insulted.
How is that right?

It would seem that green is the theme for the evening.

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